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Skin Care

Skin Care, Body Care, Skin Rejuvenation

Face, neck and hands are areas to be mostly affected by external factors. Among these external factors, UV lights, make up, free radicals, smoking and malnutrition could be considered. We should not forget that, as compared to hand skin, on facial ski, other problems such as black spot, acnes, seborrhoea and dehydration, and wrinkels may come into open in time. These are the most insidious and greates enemy of the skin. Therefore, it would more appropirate to start skin care in young ages. The avarage age of starting skin care is twenties.


Doç. Dr. İbrahim Aşkar ve ekibi olmak istediğiniz tüm estetik uygulamalar ile ilgili sorularınızı cevaplıyor.