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Rhytidectomy Surgeries

Rhytidectomy surgery removes the floppy parts on the face and neck skin and if any jaw fat. A live and young apperance could be provided to the patient through rhytidectomy surgery along with nose and eyelid aesthetics, forehead lifting, eyebrow lifting, laser peeling. Futhermore, by injecting filling materials or applying peeling, small wrinkles could be eliminated. The surgery should be done, under the hospital conditions and control of the anaesthesia specialist. The avarage surgery time is 2-2,5 hours. It is possible to be discharged at the same time. The sutures are taken within 5-7 days.


Doç. Dr. İbrahim Aşkar ve ekibi olmak istediğiniz tüm estetik uygulamalar ile ilgili sorularınızı cevaplıyor.