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Reduction Mammoplasty Surgery

Reduction Mammoplasty Surgery, Mammoplasty.

Although reduction mammoplasty is a surgery done by plastic surgeons to reduce the larger breasts than normal, it is mainly a reconstructive surgery which solves the problems that large breasts cause such as back pains, posturing disorder, headache, shoulder pains, shortness of breath, bra strap-related hollowness on shoulder, hygienic problems (for instance heat rash and fungal infections). Following the spotting procedure of new breasts according to the patient’s height and breasts weight,  under general anaesthesia, excessive breast tissue and sking are extracted. The average surgery time is 2-4 hours. Patients may feel temporary pains during arm movements. Also, they may complain of post-operative temporary swelling, insensivity of nipples, and purplish color change on breasts. On the 12-15. days, the sutures are taken. Plastic surgeons recommend the patients to start working within 1-2 weeks depending on the size of breasts.


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