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Prp Tedavisi

P.R.P. Hair Treatment

P.R.P. Hair Treatment is a treatment method performed in order to reduce the loss of hair and rejuvenate the faded hair follicles by applying tissue regeneration method.

In the application of PRP hair treatment, red blood is obtained from the patient having a hair problem by resolving 10cc of blood under the laboratory conditions. After processing white blood cells, platelets, clotting factors, and the PGF of this red blood specially, the required plasma is prepared. The treatment is finished by injecting this plasma with napping method on the regions that loss of hair has started or hair follicles has faded.

Within the framework of PRP treatment, this procedure is performed in 30 minutes. Following the procedure, patients do not complain of any pain or scar regarding the operation. Moreover, they may do their normal daily acitivies after injecting the prepared plasma. Generally repeated once in a month until three months, the specialists recommend to repeat this procedure once in every year in order to benefit from the effects of this procedure for a long while.


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