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Neck Lifting Surgeries

Neck lifting is the surgery for correcting the floppy parts and wrinkles of face and neck skins and rejuvenating the face. The objective of the neck lifting surgeries is to lift the floppy parts of the neck to its original position and remove the excess part of the skins. The sutures are taken within 5-7 days and then the patient may go to work.

Aging causes loosening and cracking of the neck skin as it is doing in all parts of the body. The muscle tissue which is a very thin layer under the skin may be floppy and it may lead to vertical and horizontal laps on the neck. The angle between the jaw and the neck is more notable and straight at young ages while it is expanded with years. In case of a fat accumulation under the jaw, this angle gets larger and a double chin is formed. A double chin does not mean encountering at older ages. For instance, it is a structural disease for some people whereas some people do not encounter it even in old ages.


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