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No-needle Mesotherapy, Mesotherapy, Mesotherapy Tecniques

Mesotherapy is a procedure of injecting vitamin, aminoacid, enzym and medications on the mesoderm. It was applied by Dr. Michel Pistor in 1952 for the first time and in 1987 accepted as a part of conventional medicine by the French Medicine Academy. Today, it is applied commonly all around the word. Eventhough first applications were made with injections, today, needle mesotherapy is not applied oftenly because of side effects such as pain, bleeding and purplish color changes. The tyype and amount of the medications mixture vary depending on the treatment to be applied. It is applied in a great range of fields, but, mostly it is used in sportive injuries, musculoskeletal diseases, loss of hair and cosmetical treatment. As to the esthetical problems that mesotherapy is helpful, these are cellulitis, body shaping, loss of weight, facial ‘’mesolifting’’, supraorbital bagging, skin cracks and scars.


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