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Liposuction (Removing Exces Fat with Pressure)

Liposuction is the resorption procedure of the excess fat mass under the skin via  vacuum or exclusive injectors. By this method, excess fat can be removed easily and safely. While local anaesthesia is prefered for removal of fat from several localized regions, but, general anaesthesia is applied for more than several regions. At one session, several liposuction applications may be done. The surgery takes 1-3 hours. In spite of the fact that the patient does not need to stay at the hospital for removal of 1 or 2 regions while there may be a need for 1-2 days hospitalization for removal of more regions fat. A corset application should be started within 1-2 days as to the lipsuction and it should be used for 2 months. Within 8 weeks, there will be no swelling and body lines will be identified well. The surgery traces will be indistinct in 2-6 months.


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