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Lazerle Dövme Silme

Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal Application

 Laser beams are used for the tattoo removal procedure. Laser beams applied in tattoo removal pass through the epidermis layer of the skin, afterwards, they are absorbed by the dermis and the components on the subcutaneous tissue reflecting tattoo color, and these materials are decomposed and removed by the immune system. While dark colored tattoos are removed easily, light colored tattoos are removed hardly. Although, in most cases of tattoo removal sessions, there is no need for anaesthesia, while applying to sensitive people, local anaesthesia may be helpful.

On the applied area, a mild swelling and burn-formed redness may be seen. Within a week, these swelling and crusting disappear. This application could be finished in approximately 4-8 sessions and there should be a 4-6 weeks of interval for each session. The sessions done earlier will not gain favor. After the application, you may use different epithelium creams. Also, the specialists recommend the use of sun block materials against all kinds of risks between the sessions.


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