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Lazer Lipoliz

Laser Lipolysis

Laser lipolysis is a method based on directly exploding the fat cell membrane through diod laser beam. One of the most innovative treatments in body shaping applications, lase lipolysis, is used effectively for regional lipoidosis and skin looseness. In addition to hips, belly and low-back fats, face, leg, jaw fats could be eliminated only at one session without bleeding . This method kills the fats under the skin and att the same time provides a more strained and younger apperance of skin by increasing the collagen production. The patient may turn back to his work or social life after the laser lipolysis procedure. Laser lipolysis applications are generally done at one session. However, depending on the size of the fatty tissue and skin looseness, the number of sessions may be increased. It would be enough to use a corset after days folllowing the laser lipolysis application.


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