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Lazer Epilasyon

Laser Epilation

Removing Unwanted Hair with Laser Epilation

Women have applied to numerous in order to get rid of unwanted hair for years. While there are some options for removing unwanted hair such as epilating wax, various creams and lotions, needle epilation, photo-epilation and radiofrequancy, laser applications present the most speed and healthy solutions. However, it should be well searched prior to epilation whether this hairing stems from a certain disease or not, and it would be better for a specialist doctor to make such evaluation. In case of a underlying disease, the treatment should be started and then laser epilation should be applied. If no disease has been found, laser epilation could be started immediately.


Doç. Dr. İbrahim Aşkar ve ekibi olmak istediğiniz tüm estetik uygulamalar ile ilgili sorularınızı cevaplıyor.