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Forehead and Temporal Lifting

Forehead and Temporal Lifting (Eyebrow Lifting)

Plastic surgeons apply forehead and temporal lifting surgeries in order to minimize the lines on the forehead. After the surgery, the floppy eyebrows are placed on the original region and the patient obtains a live apperance through this procedure. Moreover, the lines on the eye sides are minimized. meliyat sonrası sarkan kaşlar normal yerine getirilir ve kişiye daha canlı bir bakış kazandırılır. The surgery should be done, under the hospital conditions and control of the anaesthesia specialist, on the operating theater. It is done under general anaesthesia or sedation supported local anaesthesia. The average surgery time is 1,5-2 hours and the patient may be discharged on the same day. It could be combined with other plastic surgeries. In this case, both the surgery time and the hospitalization period take longer time.

Malnutrition, smoking, irregular life, air pollution, insufficient skin care, gravitation, excess mimic movements are the accelareting reasons which lead to the formation of forehead lines. General profil of the patients is over 40 ages and the surgery could be done easily unless there is another health problem. In the event that it is quite floppy and it is needed to remove the skin, the clasic forehead lifting procedure is applied. There remains a crown-shaped trace, by this method, from the 4-5 cm behind of the hair line, if the patient is not bald, the trace could be hidden in hair. Following the surgery, a long-term insensitivity may be experienced on hairy skin. There is no need to apply an eyebrow lifting surgery to the patients having forehead lifting surgery as well. It is not recommended to make a incision from the temporal region and lift the eyebrows and apply a partial forehead lifting. Unless there is a necessity to remove skin too much, forehead lifting surgery can be done via endoscopy. It is possible as well to make 3-4 incisions of 2 cm on hairy skin behind the hair line and get the same results. As compared to the former one, it does not cause a notable loss of sense.


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