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Everyone has an exclusive skin. Some of the skins show aging indications earlier and others show them later. Although it seems that there is one type of wrinkles, they are classifed into facial mimics-related wrinkles (forehead and eye contour wrinkels) and gravitation and saggy skin-related wrinkels (circumoral skinfolds) according to type of formation. Depending on the place and type of wrinkels, different methods are applied. Forehead and eye contour wrinkles reflect an old facial expression and wrinkles between eyebrows reflect an angry facial expression. After a short procedure with and filling method done by estheticians, wrinkles may be reduced. Studies has revealed that after 3-7 days following the procedure, application shows its effect on wrinkels and the effect continues for 4-6 months.


Doç. Dr. İbrahim Aşkar ve ekibi olmak istediğiniz tüm estetik uygulamalar ile ilgili sorularınızı cevaplıyor.