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Selulit Awt

Cellulitis and AWT

AWT of Cellulitis

Changes in the form of ‘’ orange peel ‘’ are called as cellulitis which may be caused by different factors. Generally, women are complaining of cellulitis and it is a quite normal process in life. That is why, many studies regarding the cellulitis and its treatment have been performed for the last couple of years. Cellulitis formed in the superficial fatty layers is solved deeply by doing exercises or losing weight. This is because the superficial fatty tissue is the least affected fatty tissue by sportive activities and loss of weight. Acoustic Wave Therapy is applied against the two fundamental factors of cellulitis with minimum side effects and no pain. Even women doing regular sportive activites and being on a diet may suffer from cellulitis. Because of the same reason, cellulitis could not be throughly removed with liposuction. The recommended treatment protocol in AWT applications is two sessions (three weeks) every week.


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